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Life-Size Taxidermy Mounts with Basic Habitat and Base

Life-Size Taxidermy

Show off the full glory of your favorite animal catch. At Wilderness Walt's Taxidermy, no project is too big or small for us to handle. We perform the entire life-size taxidermy process, from start to finish, in our professional workshop. This includes skinning, tanning, mounting, and finishing.

Additionally, the cost of all our life-size mounts includes a habitat base, adding a special element of realism to every piece we create. We can even create custom habitats and projects. Contact us today if you have a special project or idea in mind.

Black Bear Rug Taxidermy


An animal rug is the perfect finishing touch for any cabin or rustic home. We complete all rug services on-site, including stretching and the rugging process. Our rugs include a four-inch scalloped and ruffled felt border, as well as half-inch carpet padding covered in heavy denim fabric.

Care of Small Mammals

Animals that are coyote-sized or smaller should not be skinned or gutted—except by a professional. Small mammals, especially carnivores, will spoil quickly as a result of bacteria and their thin hide. If you can't take the small game animal immediately to a taxidermist, it's important to freeze it in a plastic bag as soon as the carcass cools completely. With the rabies epidemic that is prevalent in many areas of the country, you should take every safety measure possible when handling your game.

Raccoon Taxidermy Mount