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Fish Taxidermy Mount


During the drying process, the vibrant colors of a fish fade. It takes the work of a true artist to replace these original colors during the mounting process. Here at Wilderness Walt's Taxidermy, our fish taxidermist mounts countless bass, walleye, and trout every year—so you can count on a realistic finish every time. For catch-and-release fishermen, we offer a full line of realistic replicas that are custom painted to match your catch. Your buddies will never know it's not the real thing! Choose us for:

  • Traditional Skin Mounts
  • Fiberglass Reproductions
  • Saltwater Fish Mounts
  • Freshwater Fish Mounts

Care of Fish

Do not gut your fish. If you cannot take your fish immediately to a taxidermist, wrap it in a very wet towel and place it in a plastic bag, making sure all the fins are flat against the fish's body to prevent breakage. Next, immediately freeze the fish. A fish frozen with this method can safely be kept in the freezer for months.

Note: A fish will lose its coloration shortly after being caught. A good color photograph taken immediately after the catch helps enable the taxidermist to duplicate the natural color tones of your particular fish.